Shark Tank Success Story: Cerebral Success

For those who are unfamiliar, Shark Tank is an American reality television series on ABC that features pitches of entrepreneurs in front of a panel of investors. Entrepreneurs have to pitch their ideas in a way that would draw the attention of investors, and negotiate with investors to get investment in return for equities or future profits. Shark Tank is currently airing season 5. The show airs Friday night at 9|8c.

ABC is always looking for candidates because the demand to get on the show is not really high. Appearing on Shark Tank is a good chance for a business’ publicity; however, entrepreneurs will not always be satisfied with the deals they are offered. Thus, the decision of joining the show needs careful thought and consideration.

Cerebral Success decided to get on the show because we believe our products cater to the need of students who experience brain fatigue, lack of concentration and other problems without any side effects. Appearing on the show will help our products get exposure to million viewers and help viewers decide what work best for their brains. 

However, it is not easy to get on the show. When applying for Shark Tank, we were asked to provide a brief description of our products. Aware of the importance of telling a story about our products, we described Cerebral Success in a way that appeals to the interest of the masses and represents our business values. Once we passed the audition process, it took a lot of effort and preparation for our appearance in front of the panel of “sharks.” We did research on the sharks, learned from success stories, designed our pitch, and developed strategies for negotiation.

Finally, our hard work paid off. The experience on Shark Tank was 100% worth our sacrifice. We successfully made a deal with investors to expand our business. With the mission of being one of the best brain supplements, we are committed to helping students “stay focused, stay healthy and stay alert.”

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