4 Basic Test-Taking Tips June 14 2014, 0 Comments

A simple school exam has the uncanny ability to either destroy or boost one’s self-confidence. There is nothing quite like the feeling of acing a test, yet there exists nothing so painful and harsh as finding out your failing score for the biggest test you have ever studied for. However, there is hope for those who never seem to achieve that satisfying score. Most often the biggest factor affecting test scores involves poor test preparation. For this reason the best test-taking tips generally involve what to do before and during the test. We have described below the best test-taking tips that will guarantee a desirable score on your next test.

1. Prepare Mentally Now or Forever Hold Your Terrible Score

Test Bubble Sheet The best tool a teacher can give students is the actual date of future exams. The more time you have to prepare the better off you are. Most often test dates are immediately erased from memory to avoid any extra stress on an already stressful schedule. Avoiding any test preparation until the week before the exam is extremely ineffective and will only worsen your score. Testing anxiety can be your biggest obstacle and can severely affect your memory. Mental preparation and acceptance of future tests is the key to decreasing stress before an exam. Think positively about your future tests and you will feel an increase in confidence that will help you retain the needed material for the test.

2. Daily Review - 5 Min A Day Keeps The Failing Grades Away

Flash Cards for Studying Early test preparation can often seem very intimidating as it may appear that leisure time will be sacrificed for study time. However, it is often misunderstood that a little effort each day will go a long way. College students spend an average per day of 1 hour and 45 minutes on Facebook alone. Sacrificing 5 minutes of social media for class material to review and memorize the important concepts of the day will solidify the information in your mind. Or if social media is “needed”, try sacrificing 5 minutes of app time a day to exchange your Flappy Bird high score for a classroom high score on your next test. Review time can even be taken between classes before your next class begins or as a quick review before you go to bed. Scheduling your review time is the key to actually fulfilling it.

3. Test-taking Stress - Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A on a Test If you have committed yourself to completing the first two preparation tips previously mentioned, exam day should be a breeze. However, feeling a little stress on exam day can be completely normal. The key to passing the test is never allowing your anxiety to get the best of you during the test. If you feel your mind is racing, don’t force yourself to continue answering questions as most likely they will be marked wrong. Don’t hesitate to take a 30-60 second break and take a deep breath, forgetting all your surroundings. Calm your mind then get back to the grind. As a general tip for managing test anxiety, try taking a deep breath every 7 questions to calm yourself and relax your mind. If you don’t know the answer to a question don’t let that affect your composition for the rest of the test; try to relax and come back to the question later.  

4. You Finished the Test! Not Quite….

Taking a Test It can be a rewarding feeling as you fill in the last answer on your test. Turning in your test and fleeing the scene is usually the next course of action for a student. However, carefully reviewing and pondering each question on your test again is a tried-and-true strategy. Quite often your brain actually has answers to questions, but due to stress and other factors cannot remember them at that specific moment. Completed questions can often trigger memories of previous questions revealing unknown answers. Taking the time to carefully review each question again can be taxing, but often very rewarding. Mistakes can be corrected and a significant amount of points can be made up. Students who give extra effort to earn a higher score generally are the ones who receive the most satisfying grades.

These are a few of the many test-taking strategies that exist; however, these 4 basic tips are generally noted as being the most effective. Relaxing the mind and increasing focus is a key factor in affecting test scores. That’s why Cerebral Success created the SmartX Supplement to help further aid your quest for the perfect score. Check out what people are saying about Cerebral Success and never forget that a little effort and concentration can be a world of difference on your next test.